Success Story: Bed Ledge

Published By: The Delaware SBDC

As a physical therapist deeply involved in home care, Nicholas LeGrand recognized the need for a solution that would improve bed mobility for individuals with strength and coordination issues. It was this realization that sparked the creation of Bed Ledge, a device designed to revolutionize the way individuals transition into bed safely and independently.

Born out of a concern for the well-being of his patients and a desire to improve their quality of life, LeGrand conceptualized the Bed Ledge. This device, when mounted on a standard bed, facilitates the seamless movement of the user’s legs from a seated position into the bed. Not only does it mitigate the risk of falls and potential injuries, but it also encourages independence, convenience, and affordability—setting itself apart from conventional products on the market.

With a provisional patent secured and initial community beta testing underway, Bed Ledge was on the cusp of transforming LeGrand’s vision into a reality. However, it was the invaluable assistance of the SBDC and the expert guidance of Elyce Hall that helped propel Bed Ledge forward. 

Elyce Hall, LeGrand’s SBDC advisor, played a pivotal role in Bed Ledge’s success story. By providing a comprehensive roadmap for navigating the complexities of bringing a product to market, Hall instilled in the confidence and knowledge essential for transforming the prototype into a functional product. Through the SBDC’s Idea Lab program, LeGrand gained a deeper understanding of the crucial aspects of product-market fit, strategic marketing approaches, and the nuances of structuring a comprehensive business plan.

“Elyce gave me the confidence and the guidance to take my product from a rudimentary prototype designed in my basement to a functional piece of equipment ready for public testing. She has been able to keep me motivated, while also helping me lay out a roadmap for bringing my product to market. The Idea Lab program helped me better understand product-market fit as well as marketing strategies and how to organize a business plan. SBDC gave me the confidence and the community to bring the idea in my head into reality.” – Founder, Nick LeGrand

With the Villanova IP law clinic on the horizon, poised to assist in the preparation of a non-provisional patent, LeGrand is well-equipped to secure the necessary legal protections for Bed Ledge. With the unwavering support of the SBDC, he remains confident in Bed Ledge’s potential to redefine the landscape of home care.

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Nick LeGrand – Founder, Bed Ledge

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