Wilmington’s Carvertise Innovates the Advertising Game

This Wilmington-based company is taking the advertising world by storm. Turning vehicles into mobile ad space for businesses, Carvertise is setting the standard for high-quality campaign management and innovative thinking in the marketing game.

Building out a new way of marketing, Carvertise taps into the Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash vehicles that are driven for profit every day from major cities to small towns. This “creative, memorable, and technologically advanced” system pays drivers to use their car as normal while ensuring the client’s advertisement is seen out on the streets. Innovative technology allows Carvertise to track analytics data, setting this venture apart from the competition – you’ll know exactly what you’ll get when signing up for a campaign.

This company’s Delaware roots run deep, with founders Mac Macleod and Greg Star both University of Delaware graduates. While still in undergrad, these two took up the challenge of starting a groundbreaking company.

Over the last few years, Carvertise has scaled to include all major markets across the country and is still the premier car-wrap advertising venture for all sorts of businesses. In recent months, as seen in the photo above, the company was chosen to display ads for Project Runway in Times Square, New York!