Success Story: Marins Med

Published By: The Delaware SBDC

About Marins Med LLC:

Marins Med, founded by Suzen and Darryl DuBre in November 2021, is a prosthetics innovation company on a mission to empower amputees and revolutionize the field of prosthetics. The DuBres’ dedication to this cause is deeply personal, driven by their own experiences and the desire to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

Suzen DuBre, a lower limb amputee, and Darryl DuBre, a 30-year upper limb amputee, lead Marins Med with unwavering determination and a passion for innovation. Their most recent patented device, the ProHensor, embodies their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what prosthetics can achieve.

ProHensor: Empowering Amputees through Innovation

The ProHensor is more than just a prosthetic; it’s a game-changer in the world of upper limb prosthetics. Now a fully endorsed trademark, this remarkable terminal device incorporates a user-actuated locking and unlocking mechanism, providing unprecedented control and functionality to amputees. With the ProHensor, amputees can seamlessly grip, securely lock, easily hold, and quickly release objects of various shapes and sizes.

What sets Marins Med apart is their approach to innovation. They actively involve amputees throughout the research, development, and testing phases to ensure that the ProHensor addresses their specific needs and desires. Marins Med has prioritized user experience, emphasizing comfort and natural movement with aesthetically pleasing design. Its user-centered design approach is the foundation of its success, allowing Marins Med to create prosthetics that can seamlessly integrate into daily living.

Recent Successes: Pioneering the Future of Prosthetics

Issued Patent for the ProHensor: Marins Med received a patent for their groundbreaking ProHensor, recognizing the uniqueness and innovation behind this device.

Discussion with Senator Coons: Marins Med engaged in a productive conversation with Senator Coons, exploring the ProHensor’s future applications. Senator Coons expressed enthusiasm for their innovative approach and pledged support for advancing this technology.

Working Prototype: Marins Med has developed a functional prototype of the ProHensor, bringing them one step closer to making this technology widely accessible.

Establishment of a Well-Rounded Advisory Board: Marins Med established a diverse advisory board, made of distinguished professionals who offer guidance and strategic counsel to ensure they remain at the forefront of innovation.

The SBDC: A Pillar of Support for Marins Med

SBDC Advisor of Technology Business Development, Elyce Hall, has played a pivotal role in Marins Med’s developmental journey. With her expertise, they had guidance in navigating the complex landscape of starting a business in confidence. 

“The SBDC has been instrumental in providing invaluable support to our start-up business. Their dedicated team of professionals have offered us personalized assistance, helping us develop a solid pitch deck, identify funding opportunities, and connecting us with mentors and industry experts. We are grateful for the Small Business Development Center’s unwavering commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and fostering the growth of small businesses like ours.” – Marins Med LLC

Marins Med is not only reshaping the future of mobility but also empowering individuals to live without limitations. As they continue to push the boundaries of prosthetic technology, there’s no doubt that they will change countless lives for the better.

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