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UD Small Business Projects Course

The opportunity to work with an actual business provides an invaluable experience for University of Delaware business students, allowing them to apply various business disciplines through hands-on experience. It also provides an invaluable opportunity for the small business owner to receive outside input or work done by college students, with the only cost being their time and commitment to the project. There is no cost to participate, but business owners would need to cover any costs incurred for the project (e.g., reserving a domain name, buying an email list, etc.)

The students, under the guidance of their professor and/or an SBDC advisor, can help you:

  • Develop social media campaigns
  • Create budgets or projections
  • Improve business processes
  • Develop training policies
  • Create a marketing strategy

Participating Businesses Can Expect:

  • An industry analysis
  • A financial analysis from the last three years financial statements
  • A SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) of your business
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators you should be following on a monthly basis
  • A cyber security audit
  • All work will be completely confidential

Project Criteria:

  • Be specific and definable. Please clearly describe the project and what you need from the students. “Help with marketing” does not constitute a clear project scope, and will not be considered for a project.
  • Must have a measurable impact on your business.
  • Able to be completed during the semester. Keep in mind this is not the student team’s only course in the semester–some are taking full course loads.
  • The project should involve either marketing, finance, operational or management issues.
  • Students are not to be used as non-paid employees doing day-to-day work.

Business Owner Requirements:

  • Must be in business for at least 3 years.
  • Business owner, or appropriate designee, must be available during class time to meet in person or virtually with the students at least 7 times during the semester (Sept-Dec & Feb-May).
  • Business owner must complete an SBDC Client Information Form.
  • Understand that these are college students who are still learning and who are also taking a full course load.
  • Schedule a telephone interview with the instructor the month prior to class starting. (January or August)
  • Be willing to freely share the struggles of the business, the financial information and all other information necessary to complete the project.

To Apply:

  • The Spring 2019 semester application is now closed. If you are still interested and missed the deadline please let Delaware SBDC know via the email address below and we will put you in the pool for the fall semester.

Please keep in mind that we receive multiple project proposals. Given a limited number of students, not all projects can be accepted.


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