Student Projects

The opportunity to work with an actual business provides an invaluable experience for University of Delaware business students, allowing them to apply various business disciplines through hands-on experience. It also provides an invaluable opportunity for the small business owner to receive outside input or work done by college students, with the only cost being their time and commitment to the project. There is no cost to participate, but business owners would need to cover any costs incurred for the project (e.g., reserving a domain name, buying an email list, etc.)

The students, under the guidance of their professor and/or an SBDC advisor, can help you:

  • Research new markets
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Help design a website strategy (not create a website for you)
  • Develop social media campaigns
  • Analyze financial statements
  • Create projections

Participating Businesses Can Expect:

  • To become involved in a dynamic interchange with students, faculty, and advisors to solve complex business challenges.
  • A comprehensive industry analysis from the team of students.
  • A final presentation and report with agreed upon deliverables and actionable next steps.

Project Criteria:

  • Be specific and definable. Please clearly describe the project and what you need from the students. “Help with marketing” does not constitute a clear project scope, and will not be considered for a project.
  • Must have a measurable impact on your business.
  • Able to be completed during the semester. Keep in mind this is not the student team’s only course in the semester–some are taking full course loads.
  • The project should involve either marketing, finance, operational or management issues.
  • Students are not to be used as non-paid employees doing day-to-day work.

Business Owner Requirements:

  • The business owner, or appropriate designee, must be available during class time to meet with the students at least 7 times during the semester. The meetings will be held during the class during the business day. Semesters run from September to December (Fall term) & February to May (Spring term)
  • Understand these are college students who can provide assistance, but will also be learning at the same time. These are not professional consultants.
  • Be willing to freely share the struggles of the business, the financial information (as needed) and all the information necessary to complete the project.
  • Attend the business owner orientation in Newark at the Delaware Technology Park shortly before the semester begins.

To Apply:

  • The Fall 2018 semester application has closed. Please check back in November for the 2019 Spring semester application.

Please keep in mind that we receive multiple project proposals. Given a limited number of students, not all projects can be accepted.


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