Digital Compass

Why E-Commerce?

Every company today, whether large or small, has to have a well thought-out e-commerce business strategy in order to remain competitive. To begin with, many people think of e-commerce too narrowly—they think of it in terms of having a good website or being reserved for just retail businesses. However, developing an e-commerce strategy involves much more; it involves understanding current business needs, growth goals, consumer behavior, current web-based tools, etc. Small businesses often don’t know where to begin when designing an effective e-commerce strategy. Similarly, many web/IT vendors do not know how to, or don’t have time to, coach small businesses through the strategy process. Vendors also often need help identifying emerging scalable businesses. Here is where the Delaware Small Business Development Center’s Digital Compass program comes in.

What is Digital Compass?

Developed by the Delaware SBDC, Digital Compass is a strategic advising program facilitated by a highly qualified DSBDC advisor who brings together promising small businesses and web/IT vendors to develop high impact pilot programs using digital tools and analytics, with the goal of helping small businesses enter new markets and expand services. The collaborative effort between small business owner, DSBDC advisor, and vendor makes this a unique partnership that matches critical business needs with appropriate data-driven IT/web solutions.  We offer this program to:

  • Address the growing needs in the small business community looking for guidance on their next Web & IT projects
  • Inspire and grow our local Web & IT professional community by sharing the best practices through case studies
  • Challenge our small business clients to think more strategically and holistically before they make Web & IT investments

SBDC Digital Compass Program

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