Your Data is Your Business

Cybercriminals want it, and they are getting it. 63% of small business owners report having been victims of a cyberattack. Do not let your business be next!

The Delaware SBDC is Here to Help

With no or low cost tools and solutions to protect your important customer, employee and business information.

The DatAssured™ Program Will

  • Raise awareness of cyber risk within Delaware’s small business community. We are frequently adding upcoming events to our 2016 calendar. Keep an eye out for notifications. If you are not on our mailing list, let us know and we’ll get you added:
  • Help businesses manage the threat and impact of cyber interference. Do you need strategic or technical assistance when it comes to preparing for or mitigating a successful cyber attack? Work 1:1 with one of our business advisors today. Register here
  • Develop a route to certification for small businesses with intensive training from industry experts. We are in the process of designing a certification program for small businesses, which we plan to roll out in 2016. Are you interested in taking the course or partnering with us? Let us know:

Upcoming Events

Recent Events

  • July 19th at New Castle County Chamber of Commerce: Create Your Smallbiz Cyber Strategy With Expert Guidance
  • March 22nd in Newark: Developing A Cybersecurity Readiness Plan for Your Small Business
  • March 23rd in Dover: Developing A Cybersecurity Readiness Plan for Your Small Business
  • April 8th in Newark: Developing A Cybersecurity Readiness Plan for Your Medical Practice

Cybersecurity Tools to Put Into Action Now

DatAssured™ Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool


DatAssured™ Cybersecurity Workbook

DatAssured™ Written Information Security Program (WISP) for Small Businesses

Do’s and Don’ts of Cybersecurity White Paper

Payment Card Industry Small Merchant Task Force, PCI Security Standards Council Handout

Payment Card Industry Small Merchant Task Force, PCI Security Standards Council Handout

Customized Cybersecurity Plans

U.S. Dept. of Justice FBI Cyber Division 

Information Security Policy Templates

Zero to Low-Cost Cybersecurity Solutions

(Resources on encryption, cloud-based storage, controlling access, password management, etc.)

Delaware Cybersecurity Contacts and Resources

We’ve compiled a list of local, regional, and national cybersecurity resources for you. Access it here: Cybersecurity Resources

Some of the resources include:

  • Delaware IT, risk management, legal, and insurance providers
  • Delaware State resources, including college-level cyber training programs
  • Federal resources, including the Stop.Think.Connect Campaign

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