What do you get when a local celebrity chef sets up shop? A crowd, a very big crowd. That was the scene atDesserts by Dana at 1212 Capital Trail, Newark last Saturday. Chef Dana Herbert is a graduate of University of Delaware and attended Johnson & Wales School of Culinary Arts, but it was his win on TLC’s Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker that put him on the culinary fast track. After numerous TV appearances, books, and awards, his next goal was to open a storefront location.

The SBDC is proud to have assisted Herbert throughout his business journey. He began working with SBDC in 2004, since he first came to the SBDC in 2004. Over the years, SBDC advisors have assisted with strategic direction, financial planning, loan package preparation, market research, and business fundamentals. “Growing a business is a lot like baking a cake,” Herbert said. “It takes a good recipe, great ingredients, and the right tools. I know baking, but SBDC knows business. It’s a sweet partnership.” He says he is particularly grateful to SBDC “who has gone above and beyond to assist our business year after year.”