Delaware’s Senior Senator, Thomas R. Carper has long had a passion for helping small businesses grow and thrive. Throughout his career in public service, he has been a staunch supporter of initiatives to support small businesses.  “One of the best parts of my job as a Senator is getting to meet regularly with my constituents to hear about the issues that are important to them and how I can be helpful,” Carper says. It’s easy to see that he enjoys conversing with local business leaders about the challenges they face and is in support of policies that stimulate business growth and job creation in the U.S. Most recently, Carper spent time in Dover with the SBDC and Delaware State University’s Center for Enterprise Development (DCED) to learn about business resources available to Kent County and to find out what his office can do to support their growth.

The SBDC and DCED have long shared space and provided assistance to central Delaware businesses, but as separate entities often providing similar services. “There is no sense duplicating what others do,” says SBDC State Director Mike Bowman, “So we entered into an agreement with DCED to provide basic assistance, training and community outreach.”  Which we were already doing,” chimes in Enterprise Consultant, Audrey Scott-Hynson, who manages DSU’s food business incubator. “The business owner doesn’t care whose name is on the door, they just want to know how to get the assistance they need. And that is exactly what they get. Whether the business first contacts the SBDC or DCED, they assess what the business needs and bring in the best resource to help. The SBDC serves businesses statewide, it doesn’t matter if the best business advisor for the job is in Georgetown and the business is in Dover or Wilmington. We bring our statewide team of experts wherever their skills will make the biggest impact,” says Bowman


Photograph (from left to right): Bill Pfaff, SBDC Southern DE Director; Mike Bowman, SBDC State Director; Audrey Scott-Hynson, DSU Enterprise Consultant, Senator Tom Carper