The month of September signifies many things – the end of summer, back to school, and National Preparedness Month!

For small businesses, disruptions (natural or manmade) can mean the loss of productivity and profits. Preparedness – having a plan in place – can make a huge difference in your business staying open or re-opening quickly when a disruption occurs.

To help small businesses with preparedness planning, the U.S Small Business Administration and Agility Recovery are hosting a series of free webinars throughout the month of September. The series is being presented in collaboration with FEMA’s Ready Campaign as part of National Preparedness Month. Every Wednesday at 2 p.m. EST, a half hour webinar on a preparedness topic will be offered. Some topics include:

  • Crisis Communications for any Organization
  • How to Plan for a Power Interruption and Recover Fast
  • The Top 5 Steps for Preparedness This Year
  • If You Do Nothing Else This Year

Click here to register for the free webinars!