Do you have a plan? No I don’t mean a restaurant reservation or a card, not that those are bad ideas. I mean does your business have a plan to take advantage of all the hoopla?  Don’t pass on by just because you don’t sell flowers, candy or jewelry, there are marketing opportunities a plenty.

Sure there will be the usual onslaught of promotional campaigns for jewelers, florists, candy makers, restaurants, Teddy bear companies… the promotional tie ins seem endless. Ok your business doesn’t have anything to do with these, so you were are going to ignore the whole thing. Take a minute and think again. Is there a tie in to the holiday of hearts and cupid that would work for your business?  Obviously the message will vary depending on the business, but how about:

  • Promoting a discount to valued customers. Your message depends on your business and your marketing mix but almost any business can find something to work with.

Auto repair: Tapped out after the holidays? Price of roses got you down? Take 5% off oil changes during the month of February.

  • Thank you to the reason you exist – your customers –

During this season of romance, we at Gino’s House of Bacon want to thank those we love-YOU our customers! Our artisanal bacon sampler is reduced to…

  • Nontraditional gift ideas-

Still sweating over a gift for your honey? Jewelry? Done that. Candy?  She’s on a diet.  Flowers? Allergic. Reallysurprise her by checking off that big item on your honey do list. Call Bob’s Home repair services today.

  • Valentine’s Day humbug- Good tactic for establishments that aren’t going to get the romance crowd anyway.

Don’t give a hoot about what other people think about Feb. 14? Here at Happy House of Hooch we are rolling out a special Friday Happy Hour. $2 off pitchers. 2 for 1 tacos and tequila shots.

Get creative everybody. That’s what makes entrepreneurship great! Happy Friday.