Business Challenge

Leveraging a DuPont-originated film technology, WhiteOptics was formed in 2009 to deliver efficiency enabling components to the lighting industry. Headquartered in New Castle, DE, it manufactures all film and metal products in the United States. The leadership team was interested in introducing its unique line of energy efficiency enabling reflector technologies solution into a new adjacent market. The challenge was to help WhiteOptics assess the effectiveness of digital campaigns as a way to build brand and product awareness with the targeted audience and also to determine which digital tactics are most cost effective for acquiring new leads.


Lorel Marketing Group partnered with WhiteOptics to address and implement an A/B testing pilot using an email campaign and PPC campaign, targeting desired manufactures and resellers in North America and testing two different messages and offers. Additionally, specific landing pages with Google Analytics tracking were implemented to measure the campaign effectiveness.


After the initial analysis, the top lead source and digital campaign tactics were identified and more follow-up effort was focused on refining the keywords to reduce cost per acquisition. As a result of the well organized effort, WhiteOPtics received qualified sales leads in the first two weeks of the campaign.