Business Challenge

After serving Dover, Delaware for over twenty years as a law enforcement officer, Ralph Taylor started The Buy Guy, a small pest control company. After two years, the business has gained an excellent reputation in the Dover community, but was in need of brand recognition across the rest of the state. The Bug Guy’s passion for service was under-represented through their social media presence and website.


Planet Ten worked with The Bug Guy to create an attention-grabbing web commercial that incorporated humor and high production techniques to make their brand stand out against larger national competitors. Planet Ten also created a new social media campaign utilizing Facebook and Twitter platforms and profile consolidation. The Bug Guy’s new social media pages demonstrated an improved social media presence and feature engaging new content.


The launch of The Bug Guy’s new page has created a platform for their customers to actively engage and share their experiences with the company. As a result, The Bug Guy has gained a wider reputation and the company is expected to double in size within the next twelve to eighteen months.