Business Challenge

After 49 years in business, family-owned Susan’s Uniforms was no stranger to weathering difficult economic times. When they lost a major client, co-owners Eva Weissman and Karolin Lipman struggled to keep their doors open. Their mother’s namesake brand had become severely diluted, and their disconnected social media presence had little to no audience with whom to engage.


Planet Ten, an interactive multimedia solutions provider in Newark, DE, took the brand back to its basics with a new identity that recalls the era of the company’s inception with an infallible commitment to their customers: Modern fashion. Timeless service. In order to make the most of social media, Planet Ten helped Eva and Karolin better utilize Facebook and Twitter in their daily activities.


With Planet Ten’s help, Susan’s Uniforms revitalized their brand presence with a new logo; and, with consistent advertising on marketing material and regular, daily use of Facebook and Twitter, they’ve increased their social media audience, foot traffic and sales.