Business Challenge

Sun-in-One needed a tool that would showcase their brand and products to both their customers and distributors. Further, the manufacturer, consultant and distributor of solar products needed a piece that could complement their sales pitches and augment their sales quickly and easily.


Lorel Marketing Group strategically created and a digital catalog for Sun-in-One to support their customers, sales force and distributors globally through the sales process. Along with the web version, Lorel developed Sun-in-One iPad and iPhone apps so that sales teams and distributors could easily and quickly demonstrate the Sun-in-One value to their prospects and customers.


Sun-in-One’s new digital tool is efficient and has a broad reach, thus dramatically reducing the sales cycle and improved customer engagement.

  • Provided consistent brand positioning and messaging across all sales channels
  • Reduced the sales cycle
  • Web traffic shows an increase in unique visitors and page views