Business Challenge

The main challenge for Josephine’s Daughter was how seasonal the business was due to being located in a beach resort area. They needed a way to not only extend their season beyond the typical 3 month busy season in downtown Rehoboth Beach, but also find a way to connect with their customers from out of the area year round.


Fine Line websites and IT Consulting worked with Josephine’s Daughter to develop a custom designed e-commerce website built on a content management system integrated with a commerce management system. This gave them the ability to have a self-managed website that would allow them to connect with customers year round that they would typically only have the ability to sell to in their physical store. They will also be able to track traffic on the website through the use of analytics data in order to attract new, and engage current, website customers. Fine line also integrated the website with Josephine’s Daughter’s current social media and email marketing campaigns.


Josephine’s Daughter has begun to receive orders from the website within the first two weeks of launch. Through the use of social media and email newsletter integration they are able to effectively engage current and potential customers. By tracking the way traffic on the website is impacted by social media campaigns they have been able to begin to learn how to effectively market the new online component of their business