Business Challenge

Gable Music Ventures was formed in 2011 to support the revitalization of downtown Wilmington, Delaware through creative programming of live music events. As the business expanded, Gable needed a more efficient method of managing business expenses that was compatible with their existing Quickbooks accounting software. Since a large portion of their consultations occur on-site, they recognized the potential to utilize mobile technology to record their billable hours.


Gable Music Ventures worked with Fine Line Websites & IT Consulting to develop a Quickbooks solution that allowed them to efficiently record business expenses and increase their productivity. The utilization of Quickbooks software to record billable hours and track business expenses allowed Gable to dedicate more time to their work. Fine Line also created a mobile application that allowed Gable to record and track business data on-the-go.


The integration of new technology allowed Gable Music Ventures to utilize their time more productively and determine which of their services were most cost-beneficial. Based on the data collected, they were able to assess and narrow their focus to areas that provide the most value.