Cheers to 35 years!      

The Delaware Small Business Development Center has been helping small businesses grow and succeed in Delaware for 35 years. Since it’s inception in 1982, the SBDC has contributed to the creation of over 1300 new businesses and over 4000 new jobs. Millions of dollars in capital and government contracts have been introduced to the Delaware economy through the efforts of the SBDC.

The impact of the SBDC is readily seen in the successful businesses that have grown as a result of the SBDC’s assistance. The SBDC provides high quality counseling, training, and information resources for new and existing businesses across every industry in every part of the state. An experienced and interdisciplinary staff supplies a diversity of knowledge to help guide entrepreneurs through the fundamental start and prosperous continuation of their business. The SBDC offers a variety of services specific to the individual needs of the entrepreneur, including access to capital, the targeting and development of markets, business and financial planning, and collaboration on strategic and operational performance.

The SBDC was founded with the prevailing goal of growing and supporting businesses. To highlight the contributions of the SBDC to the Delaware economic landscape, a series of features are to follow profiling some of the many businesses and entrepreneurs that have benefited from working with the SBDC.